Applying to A-Teams? That’s so great. 
Here’s some additional information on who we’re choosing to fund. 

The teams that we are the most likely to fund are those with specific ideas for projects (either underway or imagined).  These projects are focused on a specific issue, a political opportunity or two to start, and involve a theory of change. That said, if you don’t yet have an idea or you want to apply to volunteer or possibly contract with a chosen team, you should still apply.

A-teams are interdisciplinary by definition so we’re looking for 2-3 people who bring different skills and perspectives to the table.  You don’t have to have technical expertise, but it helps to have it on your team.  You do need to be ready to think about how to use the Internet to do creative activism.  The skills that are at the top of our list would be writing persuasively with a strong voice online, design, coding, media experience, and campaign strategy. 

But do you need all of these skills? No!

Please note: we won’t be funding proposals around candidate campaigns, a new app or film, or projects for generally increasing civic engagement -- while important, these types of projects are too hard to measure the impact of, so they’re not what we’re looking for.

If this sounds like you, we hope to hear from you! Questions? Email us

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